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Collagen is an essential protein in organisms that grow, decreasing rapidly, especially in women, causing the phenomenon of aging.
Represents 30% of the total protein in the body and over 75% of the protein that makes up the skin. For the first time in Greece the miraculous liquid oral hydrolyzed collagen, a product which is the top step in the evolution and technology of collagen, since the oral liquid form, is so readily absorbable by the body, and more efficient than ever and the most important all without any side effects to our body.

WHAT hydrolysed collagen & KEY ARTICLES
The hydrolyzed collagen is the leading form of collagen. Produced through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen tissue. Through hydrolysis of collagen, which is one of the most famous elongated protein is cut into many smaller pieces (hydrosoluble - bioactive peptides) that together form the hydrolyzed collagen. With this format is more easily absorbable by the body and contains 3 times the amount of proline and glycine. These amino acids are necessary for the synthesis of new collagen by the body and enhance the stability of the structure of collagen in cartilage and arthoseis.

It is an easily digestible protein key to our organization and as proven long-term research has multiple beneficial effects immediately visible:
the links and cartilage in the joints and in bone metabolism
improving texture and appearance of skin and skin (reducing wrinkles on the face)
hair and nails, as it strengthens and brightens
in weight control
cellulite reduction
athletic performance and provide immediate replacement and regeneration of muscle tissue
it increases levels of growth hormone in the body providing better sleep
helps antiaging
Numerous clinical studies demonstrate that the taking of Day 10gr hydrolyzed collagen imerisios orally (one dose of Day Pro-Active Liquid Collagen) is crucial:

Joints & Bones
Because the hydrolyzed collagen is the only product proven to activate specialized cells called chondrocytes, which are responsible for the metabolic maintenance of the extracellular matrix. Chondrocytes control the rate of regeneration of cartilage in joints and detect changes in its composition.

Studies have shown that hydrolysed collagen increases the concentration of collagen type II and proteoglycans through this activation of chondrocytes.
By taking a daily dose of Pro-Active Liquid Collagen managed to increase our bone density, which directly strengthens and arthoseis and bones. It appears that hydrolyzed collagen peptides stimulate the activity of osteoblasts (a substance that builds bones).

Why reduces pain in joints especially those with severe symptoms, because the hydrolyzed collagen accumulates in cartilage and stimulates collagen production by chondrocytes.

Why increase the density of fibers and fibroblasts (fibroblasts are the main cells of the skin and are responsible for collagen production). The explanation for this is that drinking collagen peptides have properties that positively affect the growth of fibroblasts, improving moisture softness and elasticity of the skin and strengthening nails and hair.

Nutrition is an essential complement ATHLETES
Why is a good form of protein as it contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids. Vigorous exercise destroys proteins the body making a replacement very important. Through the hydrolyzed collagen protein intake achieved up to 97%. It also contains glycine and arginine two of the three main components of the creatine molecule whose presence in the body plays an important role during the exercise, providing energy to the body, thus improving athletic performance.

Sleep is divided into phases and levels is very important because the basis of quality defined as youth and age. The rebuilding of the tissues takes place while the Level 3 stage REM.During REM sleep the body converts the available collagen and other nutrients into new tissue.

The synthesis of new collagen by fibroblasts of the skin usually occurs during sleep evening, from 1:00 a.m. 4.oo until about dawn. Subsequently, the new collagen is used in various body functions. To convert existing collagen, the body needs energy in the absence of sugars and carbohydrates to energy that it takes on body fat. This requires an extremely large amount of energy. The greater amount of collagen available to the body consumes much more energy in the conversion and hence the more calories you burn. The number of calories you burn is proportional to the effectiveness of the mechanism of metabolism.Conversely, the lower the efficiency of the mechanism of the smaller is the number of calories you burn in this process.

The body produces collagen every day, but production decreases with the passage of time and the available quantity quickly becomes inadequate. The need to strengthen the organization is imperative. So during sleep, we all lose weight and burning as ever and as collagen available.

  • Always be used with the instructions of the company.
  • Its use does not replace traditional medicine but complements it, so ask and follow the doctor's advicesand instructions.