POWER HEALTH VITAMIN C 1000mg with STEVIA 20+4 eff.tabs + FREE VITAMIN C 500mg 20eff.tabs

The all times Classic Vitamin C, now with stevia plant sweetener

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POWER HEALTH VITAMIN C 1000mg with STEVIA 20+4 eff.tabs

The beneficial properties as a dietary supplement help your body regardless of weather. Vitamin C is one of the most popular dietary supplements. It is mainly used to enhance the body's defense. It protects against viruses and colds, as well gives vitality energy to the body and beautifies the skin. It is one of the most antioxidant supplements provide protection against free radicals and protects the connective tissues.

With stevia plant sweetener!

POWER HEALTH VITAMIN C 500mg  20 eff.tabs

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant substance which is ideal for smokers and the boost of immunsystem during colds. 

In addition, vitamin C improves the skin&health, protecting the collagen.

  • Always be used with the instructions of the company.
  • Its use does not replace traditional medicine but complements it, so ask and follow the doctor's advices and instructions.